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"All Russia Family Tree" is a research project. Russian part of our web-site contains a lot of information about russian, ukrainian, belorusiian etc. peoples and their relatives. Information about archives, genealogists in regions... We are specialists in genealogy, researching russian roots and russian armory and we can help you to find russian roots or relatives.

Main russian paige for everybody who is interested in genealogy. Add it to your FAVORITES list righ now!
Page describes how to work with russian historical documents and this web-site. GENEALOGICAL KNOWLEGE BASE (RUS)
Structured information on surnames, ancestors, historical events, russian genealogists contacts, information about russian archives and genealogical articles.
Forum for an ancestors search, live discussions on history. Useful genealogixal practices etc...
"Farewell to Russia" is the autobiography of Princess Lydia Volkonsky. Book is an eyewitness account of historical events from 1905 to 1946: : World War I, the Russian Revolution, the Russian Civil War, the Soviet-Polish War of 1920 and World War II. Nothing is fictionalized.

All Russia Family Tree

All Russia Family Tree is a kind of "Who is (and was) who in Russia" site with display of family links. There will be more later. Eventually, links, homepages and e-mail addresses and everything that relates to will be turned into one united network. Our goal is to create a database with all the family links. Now it is just the beginning of such a long way. One can think it unbeleivable and unreachable, but everyone knows that not long ago most the families in Russia had not less than 10 children. Judging this information, how many people, do you think, were living in Russia in the 15th century. We are all relatives, one way or another...

Things you can do free

Browse the database

Browse the database by selecting the beginning letters of the surname and then jumping from one surname to another. Russian alphabet and pronunciation of Russian letters is on the page "Surname list" Everything is in Russian, but no one stops you to learn to read it.
If you can read Russian (or have a friend who can), have cyrillic fonts installed on your computer, you are welcome.
If you don't know Russian and have no Russian-speaking friends you can use this site the same way: every letter of the alphabet opens with a table, where the beginnings of surnames are shown both in Russian and in English. Go to the part you look for, where needed surname is located, select and copy the part needed and then use online translation service: it opens in a new window and you can use it on any page you like.

Add information about yourself

Add information about yourself, your ancestors and your search.

Post your search message on the messageboard

Easy to understand that it is difficult for a person who don't know Russian (there is a Russian interface there), but you can try.
When you get there, you can push the left red-brown square button.
In the upper line you are to write the head of your message. On the third line you are to write your name, or you can leave the word Guest there. Write nothing on the fourth line. And write you message in the lowest square. The message will be posted when you'll push the left lower square gray button on which it is written something like OTIIPABNTL. Don't forget to write your contact information, so that people could answer you somehow. Or you can remember the address of your message (when it appears) and vizit it to look if somebody answered.


Attention! We don't check the information that is posted to our messageboard.  We beleive only the facts that were written and/or registered in books and documents. This database is only a starting point for a deeper research.